An Unlikely Hero

An Unlikely Hero

After years of speculation, the results are in: firewood is the greenest way to heat.

When you think of lowering carbon emissions and running a sustainable home, often a wood-burning heater is not your first thought but, as the recently-revised NSW Department of Planning and Environment Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) shows, burning renewable wood is the warmest way to be kind to the environment.

The key is in the nature of wood itself, and that it comes from – you guessed it – trees. The carbon converting breath of the trees themselves means that any carbon created by a low-emission fireplace is balanced out. The growth process of the fuel creates a carbon-neutral heating solution.

The index was revised as a follow on from a CSIRO study confirming that firewood produces the least greenhouse gas of any domestic heating option. So there you have it: choose sustainable wood fuel for your efficient fireplace and you can enjoy a chic heating option that’s kind to the earth, too.

As luck would have it, every Skantherm German-made fireplace and stove harnesses the power of wood to heat your space. Thanks to clever combustion technology and excellent efficiency, in using a Skantherm product you can be sure you are heating sustainably as well as stylishly.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Skantherm wood heater can warm your home cleanly and efficiently, get in touch today.