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  • Passive Homes & Fireplaces

    Passive homes are growing in popularity and spreading across globe. Developed in Europe to provide an affordable and practicable means of regulating temperature, passive homes also aim to reduce the

  • Man Make Fire

    Man Make Fire

    It’s one of the skills that set us apart from the animals. You’ve got a stunning fireplace, a great bottle of wine and some kind of rug upon which to

  • The True Heart of Your Home

    The True Heart of Your Home

    A beautiful Skantherm wood heater has the looks, but it’s your chimney that keeps things burning brightly. In order to keep your home warm (and safe) it’s crucial that your

  • An Unlikely Hero

    An Unlikely Hero

    After years of speculation, the results are in: firewood is the greenest way to heat. When you think of lowering carbon emissions and running a sustainable home, often a wood-burning