Elements 600T

Designed by Prof. Wulf Schneider & Partner
Winner of numerous design awards, Skantherm’s innovative modular Elements range has quickly gained iconic status. This revolutionary system allows you to arrange and rearrange your fireplace as you please by adding storage modules, drawers, seating benches and more. With its double-sided viewing panels, the 600T is perfect for large spaces where the fire can be enjoyed from multiple viewpoints.

Key Features

  • Precise air flow controls
  • Thermostone heat storage module
  • Room air independent operation
  • Self locking door
  • Top or side flue outlet
  • Output: up to 10KW

Technical Details

  • Material: Steel
  • Body Colour: Deep black
  • Nominal Heat Output: 10kw
  • Weight: Burning chamber 200kg
  • Smoke outlet: On top or at side/at rear
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Room air independent operation available
  • Tertiary air supply
  • Self cleaning glass panel
  • Right or left-hinged door options available

Key Features

  • Double-sided chamber allows viewing on both sides, making for a perfect partition for large rooms

  • Optional Thermostone storage module maintains stored heat for many hours after the fire has gone out

  • Self-cleaning double-glazed printed glass pane flush with frame (patented)