The True Heart of Your Home Skantherm Emotion stove with rotating fire chamber and wood storage Skantherm Shaker small wood heater in an elegant space.

The True Heart of Your Home

A beautiful Skantherm wood heater has the looks, but it’s your chimney that keeps things burning brightly.

In order to keep your home warm (and safe) it’s crucial that your chimney is ship shape. We’ve put together an easy, step-by-step guide to ensure that your chimney keeps your house toasty in the winter months.

  1. Find the right fit

The right chimney makes all the difference. The chimney is the engine that keeps your fire running, so having a chimney that suits your needs (and your building) is crucial. If your building doesn’t have a chimney yet, it’s always possible to install one. Just be sure to use a licensed builder and installer to ensure your safety.

  1. Call in the chimney sweep

These guys don’t just exist in musicals about magical nannies or Victorian novels. Chimney sweeps are still around – and still important – but their equipment has come a long way since Dickensian times. Your fireplace isn’t safe unless it’s clean. All kinds of things can end up in chimneys, from rubbish to animals, so a good cleaning is a must.

  1. Choose the right fireplace or chimney stove

Selecting the right stove or fireplace for your space is one of the most important decisions you will make when designing a space. Selecting the correct heat output for your room size and air supply (regulations are very strict in both areas) will allow your freshly-cleaned chimney to shine.

  1. Make sure you’ve met regulations

As mentioned above, there are very strict regulations regarding placement and installation of chimneys, chimney stoves and fireplaces. These regulations are for the health and safety of the people living in your property and have very serious ramifications if they are not followed. Deal exclusively with professionals to ensure all your bases are covered and you can enjoy your fireplace in safety.

If you have any questions about chimneys, wood heaters or Skantherm products, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch today.